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September 5, 2017


Most recently my studio practice has largely revolved around concerns of domestic place-making. I am interested in the compulsion to curate one's life in both the physical and digital realms. These worlds converge over the question of authenticity. What is it? What isn’t it? My goal during this first year of grad school is to explore how the concept of authenticity fits into this context. Is there a qualifying mark which determines the accuracy with which a person portrays themselves? If the act of outward performance is as intentional as the life lived in private which version is more authentic? I’d like to explore these questions through material choice and the context of site specificity. These things hold a different weight and importance in various locations as culture and priorities morph with culture. I am interested in the interpretations drawn in an area where housing cannot keep up with population growth. In the same breath, Boulder is a mecca for those seeking status whether in wealth or athletic prowess. Status requires external markers and raises questions of legitimacy.


As a graduate student I hope to expand my visual language and my knowledge bank of theory to draw from. Through the process of making and observing the processes of fellow students and faculty I hope to refine my studio practice and gain a deeper understanding of research disciplines. I would like to experiment with new media and avoid old vices in material and aesthetic.

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