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Mirror of media

September 24, 2017

There is a timelessness to Lacan’s mirror stage; this is my conclusion. Skeptical though I yet may be that each of his principles holds weight, there is a very contemporary significance to the philosophy that humans hold before them an ideal self- complete and independent, always pursued but never achieved. This seems most evident in social media culture, where the ideal self is placed even a step further from the mirror. Not only does the self appear whole and self-sufficient, it may be manipulated as much as possible by its owner.



This concept ties in closely with themes I am considering in my studio practice, as I investigate how the ideal self manifests in a region so engrossed in the outward portrayal of status. In both the context of a real estate market catered to the extremely wealthy as well as the curation of social media platforms, threads bind status and social capital to landscape. The closer your home is to the mountainside, the higher class you must be. The more photos you share of your outdoor excursions, the more enviable your lifestyle. The conquering and subsequent ownership of landscape still draws out a certain respect from fellow humans. Yet there seems to be a gap between the projection of lifestyle and reality. I am seeking out the dissonance of that gap, the motivations for curation, and questioning the meaning of authenticity itself.


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