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November 1, 2017

Within many of the conversations we have had in Grad Art Seminar this year, centered around the artist as god or genius, the model that Postcommodity employs within their collective is refreshing. Coming from a culture which emphasizes community over individual, this group operates as a singular unit. No one's voice is louder than another. Even within their presentation style each had just as much to say about the works they shared. They believe in a method of collaborated they termed "trans-disciplinary". Each member understands that he is both imparting his own strengths and knowledge, while simultaneously receiving the strengths and knowledge from the others. 


I had the collective in for a studio visit before their lecture. Two valuable takeaways came from it. First was that idea, rather than material, should be king in my practice. Being a very tactile maker, I sometimes let the desire to work with a certain material - to see what it can do or how far I can push it - reign in my decision making. This can lead the work down roads I don't intend, and can make concept feel forced later. The other takeaway was that it is a good exercise to derive meaning from the thing after it has been created, rather than the created thing always being a derivation of predetermined meaning. My work tends to begin with a thought and strive to manifest it, and I am not as open to things that piece can say once it exists in the world. Regardless of how my professional practice should ultimately function, it's important to push myself to try varying approaches.

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