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2022, wood, interior paint, used linens, 5’x5’x2’

“This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done.” This sentence appears on a plaque commemorating Iceland’s Okjokull glacier, declared dead in 2014.


Referencing the entanglement of game-playing and domestic labor in a sport that relies on the active softening of ice, sweep/soak considers the ongoing disregard of dire ecological shifts as our species continues to consume, construct, and abandon. A pile of laundry. Of bodies. Of evolving organisms. At what point does the game/extravagance/waste become clean-up? At what point does the mop sit idly waterlogged in the detritus of our empires? 

Rules of engagement:
Your time is limited.
Throw your stone forward before the playing field melts.
Your time is limited.

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