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Wild West White Cube

Curated by Alli Lemon

"In Umwelt, Sarah McCormick’s subtly textured, voluptuous forms suggest the remains of an unknown species. The term 'umwelt' is usually translated as 'an organism’s sensory experience of the world.' It has been theorized that organisms can have different umwelten, even though they share the same environment. McCormick’s sculptures, framed in WWWC’s black void, offer us a chance to revel in our own umwelten. Simultaneously transported to a future natural history museum and the interior of a dream. The works seem to move delicately through the space, whispering to one another, barely aware they are being observed. Whether we, the attendees, were truly in observance of the work or instead in service of the work’s umwelten, isn’t for me to say. But I can be certain that McCormick’s work embodies a magical quality and it came to life on a hot, windy August Wednesday in the middle of downtown Denver."

Alli Lemon

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